Our kittens are hand-raised and nurtured in a loving environment. We make them sociably happy with humans and other animals and ready to leave with future family by handling them every day, playing games, petting,… they are leaving with us in home and participate in our family’s life.


In order to guarantee their happiness and a stress less life, our kittens are ready to leave at 3 months old, neutered and very at ease in them cushion.

Here are the steps from kitten birth until their departure:

Here are the big lines of the birth of the kittens until their departure:

When one of our girls is pregnant, we prepare the nursery. It’s a specific room where the full space is entirely dedicated to the mom and its kittens.

Room temperature, according to the season, is optimal, we prepare a snug nest with a very silky cover and a napkin mops that will be changed daily.



The mom and her kittens are fed with high quality dry food specific for cat and kitten, so the babies will begin their weaning with dry food that can follow him all their lives. They will also receive some humid food in addition like ALMO NATURE or APPLAWS.

Our kittens are handled every day. In the first month, it’s mainly to be sure that all is going ok and to weigh them, then around the 3rd week they start moving. Around 5 weeks we are adding a lot of toys and leave them going in all the room without restriction

Between 8 and 9 weeks, our vet will inoculate the first vaccine for the Panleukopenia-Rhinotracheitis-Calicivirus and will do identification of the kitten with a microchip (mandatory in France).

Between 12 and 13 weeks, few days after the vaccine recall, the kittens will be neutered.

An ultimate control will be done by our veterinarian in order to insure that the kitten is in good health and ready to join his/her new family.

Our kittens will leave our home with the following documents:

  • A sale contract
  • The genetic tests negatif of both parents for the PK DEF
  • The genetic tests negatif of both parents for the PRA
  • The health and vaccination book
  • The health certificate established by our veterinarian
  • The LOOF/CFA pedigree
  • A document for the identification card, the definitive card will be sent you directly by the ICAD
  • A document on the features and the needs of the kitten


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